601 Indian Gr., Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6P-4J1

Viso Shipping has been in business for over 20 years and in those years we have become one of the largest shippers of containers to and from Portugal. We have built a solid reputation based on honesty and reliability. Our customers know that if they “book with us”, that all will go well. Our Agents in Portugal are diligent in their work and have served us and our customers well. They take care of all the paper work (and in Portugal that’s a lot of paper) involved in releasing the containers and forwarding them to the customer’s home. They also take care of the legalization of vehicles, imported into Portugal for and by our customers.
In the last six years we have also expanded our business to other parts of the world. In fact we are actively and successfully advertising in other ethnic communities, such as Brazilian, Italian, African, East European.
Our success is measured by our long list of satisfied customers. Our diligent staff works hard to make sure our customers are happy at every step of the way.

Tel: (416) 533-9127 Fax:(416) 763-4341

Hours Of Operation

Monday to Friday 9 – 5

Saturday & Sunday Closed